Febraury 2017 Announcement for Exporters


Australia to Chile - Valparaiso to replace San Antonio port call



In 2016 Maersk Line launched the South Pacific Express product which connects your Australia export business with West Coast of South America. In a continuous effort to offer a reliable and fast service, Maersk are pleased to announce that the San Antonio port call will be replaced by a Valparaiso port call on the South Pacific Express Eastbound direction.

Valparaiso’s new call will reinforce your faster and stronger connection between Australia and Chile.

The first voyage with newly added Valparaiso port call will depart Sydney on 29 January and Melbourne on 1 February with the Spirit of Auckland voyage 652N, and depart Brisbane on 4 February with the Leda Maersk voyage 712N. Cargo currently booked to San Antonio on these vessels and onwards will be diverted to Valparaiso discharge.

Transit times to Valparaiso will be the same as San Antonio.