Delivering Partnership Success - Customs Consultancy

Save money

  • Ask our consultants for a free compliance audit of your imports over the past 12 months to identify potential refunds.
  • We can help you reclaim any overpaid duties as well as duty drawbacks for eligible exported goods.

Customs advisory

  • Our in-house tariff consultants can help with Tariff Concession Orders (TCOs) and By Laws applications.
  • Free Trade Agreements, Tradex Scheme, Trusted Trader - We can explain your entitlements and ensure you have the right paperwork.
  • Reduce your supply chain risk by asking our team about recent compliance changes. 

Classification of goods

  • If you're considering procuring new products, our strategies will ensure your products are correctly classified to make the most of available concessions. 
  • Our peer review tariff audits also ensure you pay the right duty on your goods.

Accurate analytics

  • Measure your supply chain performance with ITM's landed costing and SKU analytics.