Management Review

1. Introduction

To identify how the company meets the management responsibilities and commitment, review and evaluation of the 'Management System' to ensure its continuing suitability and effectiveness

2. Purpose

To ensure all Senior level Management are aware of the guidelines and procedures that apply in maintaining a workable Management system.

3. References

4. Definitions

5. Procedure

5.1. Strategic Business Plan / Management Review Committee

The Strategic Business Plan will be reviewed on an annual basis. A National Strategic Planning conference will be held yearly where the plan will be revised and addressed.

The Corporate Objectives will be reviewed and only with consensus of the committee will any changes be made.

The Departmental Objectives will be renewed and all new department objectives will be incorporated into the Corporate Plan.

The Strategic Business Plan will remain as the corporate guide to all employees of International Trade Management.

5.2. Policy & Procedures

Management systems policies and procedures are updated, as necessary, to reflect the intended working methods and business objectives of the company.

5.3. Approval Authority

The responsibility for review and approval of this procedure rests with the Systems Manager.

5.4. Management Responsibilities & Authorities

Defined areas of responsibility are outlined in the strategic plan and also in the management system manual.

All employees have varying degrees of responsibilities and authorities and these are clearly detailed in Position Descriptions and are in this procedures manual. In the event of absence, an employee's responsibilities and authorities revert to their immediate supervisor for subsequent re-delegation.

5.5. Inter-Relationship

Organisation charts are available to describe how each staff member and/or department Interrelates. These charts clearly describe who reports to whom. These organisation charts are located at the Appendix of the Management Systems Manual.

5.6. Resources

The management performance and verification requirements are identified by the CEO and Financial Controller, and adequate resources are allocated. Verification is an important activity as both company and customer requirements must be continually monitored to ensure that compliance with all requirements is maintained. The Management Review Committee ensures that all such verification personnel are adequate in numbers and fully trained.

5.7. Management Representative

The CEO has appointed the Systems Manager as International Trade Managements Representative who has been given full responsibility and authority to ensure that the requirements of this document are implemented and maintained.

The Systems Manager is also responsible for reporting on the performance of the Management System to the Management Review Committee.

5.8. Management Review

The Management Review are agenda driven and evidence of the suitability and effectiveness of the Management system is sought. Details of internal and external failure (both system and product) are used to ascertain effectiveness. Submission for issues of specific interest from each of the other Management Groups may also be presented and each member of the committee is canvassed as to the suitability of the system in place.

6. Documentation

Executive Monthly Management Meetings