Contract review

1. Introduction:

To ensure that proposed and existing contracts with customers are developed and reviewed against both customer requirements and the network capacity to meet those requirements. Records that are maintained of such proposals, actual contracts and reviews of contracts are checked for accuracy during the process.

2. Purpose:

All formal contracts entered into between International Trade Management and a particular customer are covered by this procedure.

3. References:

SM10   Sales Process

SM11   Quotation

4. Definitions:

4.1. Contract refers to an agreement for the provision of International Trade Management to a particular customer, which may be for a set period of time, or for an indefinite period.

4.2. Account Manager refers to:

- Customer Service Representative

- Customs Representative

- Sales Representative

5. Procedure

5.1. New Business

Upon identification of a tender or quote, or invitation to tender, an existing customer will be allocated to the appropriate Account Manager responsible for that account.

5.2. Account Manager

5.2.1. If the customer is new and does not have an Account Manager allocated, then the customer will be allocated to an Account Manager either from the Sales & Marketing department or the Operations Department or both.

5.3. Tender or Quote

5.3.1. A tender or quote review is then carried out by the responsible Account Manager to assess the viability of International Trade Management doing business with this customer, and to implement appropriate action either personally or In conjunction with appropriate staff

5.4. Evaluation

5.4.1. The Account Manager will ensure that tenders or quote/contracts are evaluated to determine:

5.4.2. International Trade Management capacity to service at specified requirements

5.4.3. Internal and External stakeholders involved

5.4.4. Dimension the anticipated level of competitor involvement and where applicable check competitor profile from Marketing Department.

5.4.5. Any information about the potential client as possible

5.5. Sales & Marketing Department

5.5.1. The Account Manager will consult with internal stakeholders (e.g.: Senior Level Management, CEO, Financial Controller) to determine:

5.5.2. Capacity to do the work

5.5.3. Capacity to meet performance standards

5.5.4. Capacity to meet customised arrangements if required and where necessary determine any additional costs

5.5.5. Determine any time lines for any follow up work and report times

5.5.6. Links required between customer/internal stakeholders

5.5.7. Once this information has been collected, establish price in accordance with relevant areas. Consult with CEO and clarify minimum pricing for the work, where appropriate

5.5.8. All pricing is checked against the latest pricing structure determined by Sales and Marketing

5.6. Quotation

5.6.1. Quotation will be prepared using a proforma or shell document prepared by the Sales & Marketing Department

5.6.2. The quotation will be set out, as specified in procedures SM11

5.7. Implementation

5.7.1. It is the Account Managers responsibility to ensure an original copy of the contract is filed away

5.7.2. All relevant records to be maintained both in the Genero system and the customer files

5.7.3. If the tender is successful, appropriate steps are set out in the procedure SM10

5.7.4. If the tender is unsuccessful use the method identified in procedure SM10 – Use Lead Sheet to document any information

5.8. Contract Agreements

5.8.1. Terms and Conditions, rates and tender process is given in a proforma or shell document.

6. Documentation

Sales Process