Document & Data Control

1. Introduction:

This procedure applies to the identification and control of documentation, data forms that are utilised ln the management system

2. Purpose:

The procedure aims to ensure that:

2.1. All documents and data are reviewed and approved prior to issue,

2.2. Pertinent issues of appropriate documents are available to all locations where tasks essential to effective functioning of the management system are performed, and

2.3. Obsolete documents are promptly removed from all points of issue and use

3. References:

Master Register   (MS01)

4. Definitions:

5. Procedure

5.1. Responsibility and Review of Documents

The responsibility for review and approval of individual procedures Is specified within the Document Master Register maintained by the Systems Manager.

The responsibility for review and approval of other documents {e.g. forms, reports and external generated documents) is listed in the Internal Forms Register, External Documents Register and the Document Master Register database.

5.2. Changes to Documents

All proposals for change to procedures must:

5.2.1. Fill out a Document Change Request Form

5.2.2. Where practicable, identify the nature of the change, and

5.2.3. Identify the source/location of background information which will assist in review and approval

5.3. Distribution of Documents

All new and amended documents must be reviewed and approved by the appropriate approval authority, prior to distribution

The Systems Manager is responsible for updating the register to identify and control the issue and distribution (after approval) of new and revised documents

Such database should identify all recipients of each document and the current issue status details

Distribution is effected by a formal document control cover sheet which identifies:

5.3.1. The detail of the document issued (including title, number, date issued)

5.3.2. Details of any changes incorporated

5.3.3. Need for managers to update their document folders and to destroy superseded or obsolete documents

5.4. Implementation of Documented Procedures

Departmental Managers are responsible for:

5.4.1. Updating the area document / Folder

5.4.2. Destruction of obsolete documents

5.4.3. Instructing staff in requirements listed in new or revised documents

5.5. Maintenance of Externally Generated Documents

The Systems Manager checks, at yearly intervals, with the providers of externally generated documents to confirm the current issue of the documents and for the provision of updated copies, where appropriate

6. Documentation

MS06.4 Documentation Change Request Form

Documents Master Register (MS01)