1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for purchasing, ensuring a structured process is followed

2. Purpose:

To establish and maintain a system for the selection, approval and performance review of suppliers of goods or services

3. References:

FN10                Accounts Payable Process
MS07.2            Approved Suppliers List

4. Definitions:

5. Procedure

5.1. Suppliers of Local Cartage Services

Suppliers of local Cartage Services are to be approved on the basis of the following criteria:

- Demonstrated History of satisfactory supply

- Certificate of currency (Insurance Policy)

- Compliance with Heavy Vehicle National Law (Act 2012)

Authority to Approve Suppliers remains with the Department Managers
All Documentation relating to approvals must be filed and maintained by the Department Manager

5.2. Suppliers of Overseas Services (Overseas Agents)

It is the responsibility of CEO and the Strategic Planning Committee to decide as they see fit in accordance with the Strategic Business Plan

5.3. Approval of Suppliers

Approved supplier details are located as part of the Sales & Marketing program called Genero

Authorisation for approval of new suppliers shall be sort as per 5.2

5.4. Master List of Approved Suppliers

The master list for the supply of overseas services (overseas agents) is located in the Sales & Marketing Program called Genero

The master list for local Cartage Services shall be the responsibility of the Systems Manager

The Systems Manager will ensure that all approvals and updates are distributed via an updated master list

5.5. Suppliers Non-Conformance

Non-Conformance in products or services supplied may be noted as a result of, but are not limited to, the following:

- Inspection of product received

- Claims

- Customer Complaints

5.6. Supplier Review

Supplier review is conducted on an annual basis as per the MS03 Management Review Procedure

5.7. Additions and Deletions

Any changes made to the Approved Suppliers List must be accompanied by the Document Change Request form

5.8. Purchasing Documentation

Purchase orders raised for the purchase of all products/services, utilise and any service provided by contract or agreement. These services are purchased via invoices.

6. Documentation

MS07.02 Approved Supplier List