Control of Inspection, Measuring & Test Equipment

1. Introduction

This procedure is created for inspection, measuring and test equipment in a manner which ensures that the measuring uncertainty is known and is consistent with the required measuring capability.

2. Purpose:

To ensure and identify inspection, measuring and test equipment with a suitable indicator or approved identification record to show the calibration status:

Maintain calibration records for inspection, measuring and test equipment.

3. References:

  • Marine Order 4I (SOLAS - Safety of Life at Sea)
  • NMI - National Measurement Institute

4. Definitions:

Calibration: is the process of periodically comparing your equipment against a reference standard to determine how accurate it is and whether or not it is still capable of meeting the accuracy required for the measurements made with it.

5. Procedure

5.1. Scales

5.1.1. All scales MUST comply with NMI standards

5.1.2. Calibration of the scales is to be completed annually by an NMI certified provider.

5.1.3. Certificates of calibration issued are to be kept on file