Statistical Techniques

1. Introduction:

To ensure that the need for statistical techniques required for establishing, controlling and verifying process capability and product characteristics.

2. Purpose:

The need to use such techniques to collect and analyse data as part of the arrangements for process control and to confirm that the work completed is satisfactory.

3. References:

See Strategic Business Plan - Departmental Budgets

4. Definitions:

5. Procedure

5.1. To the reporting process we adopt measures:

5.1.1. Service level

5.1.2. Timeliness

5.1.3. Costs

5.1.4. Lead-time

5.2. Our Key Performance Indicators (KPI) are monitored through status reports, developed for running our business.

5.3. Timeliness

5.3.1. To measure timeliness, we use exception reports which consist of:

- Arrival dates

- Registration dates

- Clearance dates

- Delivery dates

5.3.2. These reports are an indication as to any delays and/or problems.

5.4. Costs

5.4.1. Costs are reported in monthly Profit and Loss statements, which are then measured against the department budgets.

5.5. Lead Time

5.5.1. Lead-time Is measured by reports that produce

- Estimate Time of Arrival versus

- Actual Time of Arrival

5.5.2. These indicator works well in monitoring and controlling any inconsistencies that may arise

6. Documentation