Insurance Claims


1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for Claims made on ITM P/L and Claims ITM P/L make on behalf of their customers.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to standardise and meet legal responsibilities in the handling of all insurance claims.

3. References:

4. Definitions:

5. Procedure

5.1. Claims Made on ITM P/L
5.1.1. The administration manager shall receive all intent to claim forms made on ITM.
5.1.2. The administration manager shall forward all copies received to the companies insurers for evaluation and instruction.
5.1.3. Copies of all claims are to be kept by the administration manager.
5.1.4. If the claim is to be settled it must be done with the Claims Release document attached OP16.1
5.1.5. ITM P/L insurer shall be referred to for any advice and or instructions.

5.2. Claims Made by ITM P/L

5.2.1. All insurance claims made by ITM P/L on behalf of their customers are to follow the format as outlined in OP10.1
5.2.2. Copies of all claims are to be referred to the administration manager for persual
5.2.3. The administration manager shall file the claim forms and ensure that a response is forthcoming from the party claimed upon.
5.2.4. Once a response is received the customer is to be informed with a copy of the response made available if requested.

5.2.5. ITM P/L insurer shall be referred to for any advice and or instructions.

6. Documentation

OP120.1 Intent to claim

OP16.1 Claims Release