Sales Process

1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for establishing and identifying a sales lead ensuring a structured process is followed.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to standardise and document procedural and commercial requirements as well as responsibilities in the Sales & Marketing Department

3. References:

- Document & Data Control Procedures   (MS06)

- New Accounts Procedure   (FN12)

4. Definitions:

Genero: Automated Sales & Marketing Computer Package; Enterprise Research Platform

5. Procedure:

5.1. Sales Lead

All sales leads must be placed in the Sales Administrator's tray.

5.2. Sales & Marketing System

Data will be entered into the Sales & Marketing System module of Genero (SM10.1) A Lead Sheet (SM10.2) will be produced with relevant details and distributed to the Sales Personnel.

The sales personnel will decide on whom will pursue these leads

5.3. Lead Sheet

Sales personnel shall follow the defined steps as specified on the 'Lead Sheet'(SM10.1)

All information entered on the lead sheet will be transposed to the S&M system by the Sales Administrator

5.4. Prospect Won/New Account

Sales to set up Clients in Freightpac System as per New Account Procedure FN12 (5.1-5.5)

5.4.1. Imports

A Signed Routing Order (SM10.3) to be received and filled in the customer file

5.4.2. Exports

Shippers Forwarding Instruction (SFI) to be filed in the shipment file

5.4.3. Customs Clearance

Authorisation and Acknowledgement (FN12.3) to be filed in the customer file

5.5. Lost/Abandoned

All prospects will remain on the system for 12 months and then filed as per required in the Document and Data Control (MSOS)

5.6. Lead Notification

The Sales Administrator shall notify the lead source of the progress made

5.7. Client Files

All prospects whether won/lost or abandoned shall be filed in the following manner: The Lead sheet shall be attached to the inside of the file where all relevant information/documents are specified on the lead sheet are sighted and secured in the file

6. Documentation

SM10.2 Lead Sheet

SM10.3 Routing Order

Sales & Marketing System (Genero)        (SM10.1)