Emloyment / Recruitment Policy

1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for the recruitment and employment of staff.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this policy is to establish procedures and guidelines for the fair recruitment of applicants based on merit and selection criteria. Merit principles ensure that candidates are selected on the basis that they have the skills, experience and qualifications required to perform the position.

Each Branch Manager is responsible for the coordination of all recruitment activities for their Branch. New staff are only employed upon authorisation given from the CEO. To ensure that this process is streamlined, this policy sets out procedures to be adhered to when involved with the recruitment of a new employee.

3. References:

National Employment Standards – Fair Work Act 2009

Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010 and amendments

Clerks - Private Sector Award 2010 and amendments

Employment agreement

HR18 – Company Policy – HR

ICTUSER – ICT User Profile

4. Definitions:

5. Policy

5.1. Recruiting Procedure

Create a Position Description

A position description needs to be created outlining the key objectives and responsibilities of the position.  Key selection criteria should also be established which may include the following:  relevant skills, personal qualities and abilities, previous work experience, relevant knowledge and/or essential qualifications or training required to perform the position. Such selection criteria need to be objective. The Branch Manager will review the remuneration level for the position.

Draft Advertisement

Once the position description has been finalised, the Department Manager will draft an advertisement for review and approval by the Branch Manager.  As well as providing information about the company, position and key selection criteria, it should also advise what is required from candidates wishing to apply and the relevant timeframes.

Internally Advertise 

It is ITM’s policy that all jobs are advertised internally and employees are encouraged to apply for suitable roles. Department Manager will email the position details on a global email to all staff.

Externally Advertise/Recruitment Agencies

The position should be advertised in the appropriate medium. Dependent on the role itself this may include but is not limited to Seek, The Age, local newspapers or the engagement of a recruitment agency.

Short Listing

Applicants must be considered against the key selection criteria and should not subsequently be rejected on any grounds that may be considered to be discriminatory. Each candidate is judged according to the set key selection criteria which should be applied in a consistent manner.


Preferably at least two ITM staff members must be involved in the interview process and it is preferred one of those is the Department Manager. Questions should be created as a guide and formed on the basis of the key selection criteria.

Those on the interview panel should note the following:

  • No employment commitment is to be entered into or implied and decisions are not to be made on any unusual employment conditions until cleared with the appropriate approving authority.
  • All managers should familiarise themselves with ITM’s Harassment and Discrimination Policy (HR17). They should also familiarise themselves with the privacy obligations ITM owes to unsuccessful candidates.  Unsuccessful candidates have a right to request any information relating to their application and this can include notes made by ITM’s managers and other representatives.  Refer to the Privacy policy for further details.

All interview documentation is to be retained by the Department Manager to ensure it is appropriately handled. Personal information collected about unsuccessful candidates will be destroyed at the completion of the process unless they have provided permission to keep such information.

For successful candidates, any documents created will form part of the employee’s personnel file.

Candidates should be rated in a matrix against the key selection criteria at the conclusion of the interview process.

Upon completion of first round interviews and dependent on the position, second round interviews may be conducted.


Reference Checking

For shortlisted candidates following the interview process, the Department Manager will obtain two business references with referees supplied by the candidate. The candidate must provide their agreement for the Department Manager to contact the referees they have provided.

Foreign Nationals

Where a candidate is a Foreign National the Department Manager is to make all candidates aware that a successful applicant will be subject to a VEVO identity check to check their rights and entitlements to work in Australia. (Online VEVO registration check with CFO)

Selection and Making an Offer

The Department Manager will make all offers of employment and once the candidate has accepted the position; prepare a letter of offer and associated documentation for the successful candidate.

The Department Manager is to make all candidates aware that a successful applicant will be subject to a satisfactory police check as a pre-requirement for selection.

Unsuccessful candidates will then be contacted by Department Manager.

6. Changes to Policy

International Trade Management may amend or vary this policy from time to time. Employees will be notified accordingly.

7. Documentation:

7.1. Letter of Offer

7.2. Letter of Commencement

7.3. Confidentiality Agreement

8. Forms

HR10.001- Induction

HR10.002 - Employee Details

HR10.003 Staff Employment and Termination Checklist