Personal/Carer's Leave & Compassionate Leave

1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for Personal/Carer’s leave and Compassionate leave.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to standardise and meet Award requirements in the provision and taking of a personal/carer’s leave or compassionate leave.

3. References:

Clerks-Private Sector Award 2010

Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010

Employment Agreement  (HR10.1)

Fair Work Act 2009

4. Definitions:

4.1. No Definitions exists

5. Procedure

5.1. Employees who qualify for time off under the conditions set out in the Award are expected to contact or arrange for contact to be made with the Branch Manager / Department Head or any Senior member of staff by 9.00am of the day to be taken off.

5.2. The person advised of staff on sick leave are to communicate this Verbally, Email or written to the Branch Manager ASAP after being advised so as alternative arrangements can be made to absorb job function of person on leave.

5.3. Branch Manager is responsible to ensure resources are available so as not to interrupt the flow and timing of work performed.

5.4. The Employee must Complete a Leave Application form and hand this to the Branch Manager.

5.5. The branch manager must Authorise the leave and ensure the form is given to the payroll department for processing.

6. Documentation

HR12.1 Leave Application

6.1. Employment Agreement             (HR10.1)

6.2. Letter of Commencement           (HR10.3)