Performance Review


1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for the performance review of employees.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to standardise the process by which staff and management performance is reviewed.

3. References:

Performance Review

4. Definitions:

Reviewer: The Manager or Supervisor conducting the Performance Review.

Reviewed: The Employee, Supervisor or Manager that is being reviewed.

5. Procedure

Section 1&2

5.1. A copy of the previous completed Performance Review document is to be requested the Reviewer from the Quality Manager as a reference point and for the review of the previous development plan.

5.2. All sections must be completed by employee being reviewed and Management Except for Section 2 which only relates to Managers being reviewed.

5.3. A blank copy of the Performance Review Document is to be provided to the employee being reviewed. The employee will be given 5 Working Days to review themselves.

5.4. The Supervisor / Manager (Reviewer) must complete a separate Performance Review document of the employee within 5 working days of the issuing of the document to the employee.

5.5. The review will take place when both documents are completed and opportunity is given for adequate discussion on points of difference, this shall include a review of the employees job description to see whether the job description is still relevant to the tasks actually performed.

5.6. If the Job Description does not correspond to the duties performed than the Reviewer must redraft the Job Description with input from the employee.

5.7. 5.7 The redrafted Job Description will then be Forwarded to the Quality Manager for Authorisation of the new document.

5.8. The Quality Manager will then Authorise the complying document file and supply signed copy to the employee.



Section 3

5.9. A review of the previous Development plan shall be undertaken by the Reviewer and the Reviewed and comments made as to non achievement of objectives set.

5.10. The Manager / Supervisor will in consultation with the employee document a development plan setting out objectives and action required to meet such, all objectives are to be governed by a completion date.


Section 4

5.11. The Reviewer shall average out all assessment criteria and summarise the result achieved.

5.12. The Reviewer shall invite the Reviewed to pass any comments as to the assessment, the process or in general.

5.13. Once the performance review document is agreed it is to be signed by the employee Supervisor and Manager and then forwarded by the Manager to the Quality Manager for filing.

5.14. A copy shall be taken by the Manager and given to the reviewed employee for their records.

5.15. If the review is not agreed the Manager must forward the document to the Quality Manager and organise another review following the same procedure with the next level of Management.

6. Documentation

HR15.1 Performance Review