ICT Disaster Recovery Plan

Date: 01/2023

1.0 Introduction:

This Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) captures, in a single repository, all of the information that describes ITM’s ability to withstand a disaster as well as the processes that must be followed to achieve disaster recovery.

2.0 Purpose:

Note that in the event of a disaster the first priority of ITM is to prevent the loss of life. Before any secondary measures are undertaken, ITM will ensure that all employees, and any other individuals on the organization’s premises, are safe and secure.

After all individuals have been brought to safety, the next goal of ITM will be to enact the steps outlined in this DRP to bring all of the organisation’s groups and departments back to business-as-usual as quickly as possible. This includes;

  • Preventing the loss of the organization’s resources such as hardware, data and physical IT assets
  • Minimizing downtime related to IT
  • Keeping the business running in the event of a disaster

3.0 Scope:

The ITM DRP takes all of the following areas into consideration:

  • Network Infrastructure
  • Servers Infrastructure
  • Telephony System
  • Data Storage and Backup Systems
  • Data Output Devices
  • End-user Computers
  • Organisational Software Systems
  • Database Systems
  • IT Documentation

This DRP does not take into consideration any non-IT, personnel, Human Resources and real estate related disasters.

4.0 Disaster Recovery Team & Responsibilities:

In the event of a disaster, different groups will be required to assist the IT department in their effort to restore normal functionality to the employees of ITM. The different groups and their responsibilities are as follows:

  • Disaster Recovery Lead
  • Senior Management Team

The lists of roles and responsibilities in this section have been created by ITM and reflect the likely tasks that team members will have to perform. Disaster Recovery Team members will be responsible for performing all of the tasks below. In some disaster situations, Disaster Recovery Team members will be called upon to perform tasks not described in this section.

4.1 Disaster Recovery Lead

The Disaster Recovery Lead is responsible for making all decisions related to the Disaster Recovery efforts. This person’s primary role will be to guide the disaster recovery process and all other individuals involved in the disaster recovery process will report to this person in the

event that a disaster occurs at ITM, regardless of their department and existing managers. All efforts will be made to ensure that this person be separate from the rest of the disaster management teams to keep his/her decisions unbiased; the Disaster Recovery Lead will not be a member of other Disaster Recovery groups in ITM.

  • Make the determination that a disaster has occurred and trigger the DRP and related processes.
  • Initiate the DR Call Tree.
  • Be the single point of contact for and oversee all of the DR Teams.
  • Organize and chair regular meetings of the DR Team leads throughout the disaster.
  • Present to the Management Team on the state of the disaster and the decisions that need to be made.
  • Organize, supervise and manage all DRP test and author all DRP updates.


Work Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number

Primary Disaster Lead (ICT Manager)

03 8383 5317


Secondary Disaster Lead (ICT Network Administrator)

03 8383 5301


4.2 Senior Management Team:

The Senior Management Team will make any business decisions that are out of scope for the Disaster Recovery Lead. Decisions such as constructing a new data center, relocating the primary site etc. should be made by the Senior Management Team. The Disaster Recovery Lead will ultimately report to this team.

  • Ensure that the Disaster Recovery Team Lead is help accountable for his/her role
  • Assist the Disaster Recovery Team Lead in his/her role as required
  • Make decisions that will impact the company. This can include decisions concerning:
    • Rebuilding of the primary facilities
    • Rebuilding of data centers
    • Significant hardware and software investments and upgrades
    • Other financial and business decisions


Work Phone Number

Mobile Phone Number

Primary Senior  Management (CEO)

03 8383 5327


Secondary Senior Management (STRATEGY MANAGER)

03 8383 5302


5.0 Data and Backups:

This section explains where all of the organization’s data resides as well as where it is backed up to. Use this information to locate and restore data in the event of a disaster



Data Type

Back-up Frequency

Backup Location(s)


Freight Pac (ERP)



Local head office, Off site Brisbane Branch and External Hard drives stored with Joseph


VM Environment (all ITM servers)



Local head office and off site Brisbane Branch

6.0 Planning Testing & Maintenance:

While efforts will be made initially to construct this DRP is as complete and accurate a manner as possible, it is essentially impossible to address all possible problems at any one time. Additionally, over time the Disaster Recovery needs of the enterprise will change. As a result of these two factors this plan will need to be tested on a periodic basis to discover errors and omissions and will need to be maintained to address them.