ICT User Profile

1.0 Introduction: 

This document sets out the procedures for adding and terminating new users from ITM’s systems

2.0 Purpose:

The purpose of this document is to standardize the procedure so steps are not missed.

3.0 References:

HR10 – Employment / Recruitment Policy

HR18 – Company Policy - HR

4.0 Definitions: 


5.0 Procedure - Adding & Termination procedure 

  • Itmadmin 4> User Admin > Add or remove user
  • Add/Remove user on HDR server in Sydney
  • Add/Remove user on Samba server
  • Add or Remove Freight Pac p> (general), b> (maintenance), d> (setup menu), h> user logins
  • FreightPac add printer list
  • Add/Remove user from Exchange, subscribe to shared folders if needed
  • Add/Remove user from archive server
  • Add/Remove user from website login
  • Subscribe/Un-Subcribe Newsletter ITM ADMIN
  • Add or Remove from konica fax machines via web and update keypad
  • Update Address book select department and Add/Remove in Genero  (send email to reception)
  • Add or revoke ICS Certificate apply for one if needed
  • Backup emails / my docs to \\itm-exchange\pstexport
  • Add/Remove emails from AD server> printer groups, passwords never expire 
  • Add/Remove User to 3CX and add to call group
  • Add/Remove Alarm code/swipe access(return ID card)  if applicable
  • Update user sheet with new details eg employee1 delete, add employee 2,
  • Advise Meridith from Pengellys kellen.dalton@pengellys.co.nz new/terminated staff member  

6.0 Forms

Staff Employment and Termination Checklist (HR10.003 )

Note: Some users will stay on system for a while to monitor new incomming emails. In this case do not delete in itmadmin – change password and document on user sheet with comments on cell.