Demand Planning

The right stock, in the right place, at the right time is vital to business success. But accurate forecasting is difficult. ITM proprietary demand planning tools give you the power to make informed decisions, so you can now plan with confidence.

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Just as everyone is unique, so too is every business. Including yours. That's why we create personalised partnerships with every customer, appointing a tailored ITM team that will best complement your plans for business success

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Pricing Analytics

Business success comes at a price - the right price. Accurate cost data and analytics enable better decision making and, ultimately, better alignment with your all-too-important product delivery strategy. ITM proprietary pricing tools give you access to accurate cost data and analytics, so you enjoy pricing confidence.

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Smart Systems

Smart Systems is our powerful business intelligence platform developed in collaboration with ITM customers. It delivers deep insight and adaptable analytical tools to drive efficiency, improve decision-making and improve your business operations and profitability.

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Delivering Supply Chain Success

Collaborative, Comprehensive platform

  • Increase productivity and efficiency with centralised communication and documentation visible within your business across all departments.
  • Tailor communications for bookings, milestones and smart alerts to your business needs.

Responsive and transparent

  • Gain full control by viewing inventory at summary, detail, SKU and flagged shipments at every stage from booking to delivery
  • Automate your business processes with smart alerts.

User flexibility

  • Integrate data into your systems, create your own views, customise reporting and streamline your internal workflows, contingency plan and supplier compliance capabilities

Accurate analytics

  • Measure your supply chain performance with actual lead-time, costing and price analytics.
  • Customise and schedule reporting.