Improvement Opportunity

1. Introduction:

To identify and action any improvement opportunities that may affect the overall business.

2. Purpose:

The means by which an Improvement Opportunities in service is analysed so that trends, repetitions and problem areas are identified and improvements initiated.

3. References:

4. Definitions:

5. Improvement Opportunities

An Improvement Opportunity can be broadly described as: when services do not confirm to standards as outlined in procedures, policy, strategic plan or Service Level Agreements. The improvement Opportunity System should be seen as a mechanism to continually improve on work practices and quality of service whilst ensuring ITM's minimum quality standards are always maintained.

6. Procedure

6.1. All employees must clearly identify any Improvement Opportunity, which they detect, or is brought to their attention by contractors, customers or members of the public.

6.2. Employees are to use the prescribed 'Improvement Opportunity Form'(IOF) form MS09.1 to formally report Improvement Opportunities to their Department Manager or Supervisor.

6.3. If an employee is ln doubt as to what constitutes a service failure and improvement they are to seek clarification from their Department Manager or Supervisor.

6.4. Once the prescribed form is completed it is to be submitted to the Department Manager / Supervisor for review. The Department Manager/ Supervisor is to register the IOF in the IOF register form MS09.2. Department Manager/ Supervisor is to table the IOF at the next Branch Management Meeting where a review action will be decided and assignment for investigation and rectification issued.

6.5. The person assigned the IOF will complete Section 2, which constitutes an investigation result verifying the opportunity and short term solution, which will allow for quick rectification whilst a more permanent solution is devised. The people assigned will then sign and date the IOF and return to the Department Manager/ Supervisor.

6.6. The Department Manager/ Supervisor will assign and set the time frame for a person to devise a long term solution for IOF MS09.1 Section 3 and distribute same.

6.7. The person assigned the long term solution must identify one of the three situations as specified on IOF MS09.3 Section 3 and return the completed form to Department Manager/Supervisor.

6.8. The Department Manager/Supervisor will then assign an internal auditor to verify the solution put in place is effective. If this is not the case then the auditor will issue a new IOF, sign the existing form and return to the manager fort execution of the Improvement Opportunity procedure. If the solution is effective the auditor will sign and date the IOF and return to the Department Manager/ Supervisor for filling.

6.9. The Department Manager/ Supervisor shall be responsible for maintaining the IOF register MS09.2 and the execution of the Improved Opportunity System and for the reporting of IOF to scheduled Management meetings for review.

7. Documentation

MS09.1 Improvement Opportunity form

MS09.2 Improvement Opportunity Register