February 2019 Announcement for Importers

Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand and Vietnam to Australia – Rate Restoration (RR)

Effective - 1st January, 2019 on all shipments from the above ports to Australia there will be a RR.

Adelaide Channel Widening Levy -Port Service Charges

Flinders Ports have announced an increase in the Channel Levy to fund the cost of the Channel Widening Project that is due to start from March 2019. This increase will be effective from 1st January, 2019. Due to this increase, we are announcing an increase in our Port Service Charge effective for all containers arriving or departing the Port of Adelaide on or after the 1st January, 2019 to the following levels.

The Low Sulphur Surcharge from China & Hong Kong & Taiwan to Australia and New Zealand (CLS)

China’s, Hong Kong’s and Taiwan’s Emission Control Areas will be legally required to use fuel with a maximum of 0.5% Sulphur content in order to minimize emissions of Sulphur oxides.

Effective - 1st January, 2019 on all cargoes from/via China and Hong Kong to Australia & New Zealand. Effective – 19th January, 2019 for all cargoes from/via Taiwan to Australia and New Zealand

Southbound Asian countries to Australia - B
unker Recovery Charge (BRC) and Global Fuel Surcharge (GFS)

Effective - 1st January 2019 Bunker Recovery Charge (BRC) and Global Fuel Surcharge (GFS) – will replace the current Bunker Contribution (BUC), Fuel Adjustment (FAD) and Emergency Fuel Surcharge (EFS).

The BRC will largely absorb all other pre-existing fuel-related charges, however charges specifically related to coastal Emission Control Areas (ECAs) will remain in place.

From 1st January, 2019 rates will be updated on a monthly basis.