1. Introduction:

This document sets out the procedures for the effective implementation of training.

2. Purpose:

The purpose of this procedure is to ensure that continual training of staff reflects the current and future business requirements of ITM whilst also taking into consideration the desires and career path of staff.

Staff are additionally encouraged to undertake studies at external institutions to increase efficiency and effectiveness through the development of a broader based skill set.

3. References:

None exist

4. Definitions:

4.1. Internal Training: 

This refers to training that can be effectively dispensed utilising the resources internal to ITM, such training will include Freightpac and general Information Technology aspects.

4.2. External Training: 

This refers to training that utilises resources external to ITM's structure, such training will include, Industry training, general business training and personal development training.

5. Procedure

5.1. Training Requirements will be determined based on a gap analysis conducted with the Branch Manager and Department Manager along with:
Work Standard Requirements
Performance Appraisal
Ongoing Observation

5.2. All training is to be approved by the Departmental Manager and submitted to the Branch Manager on the Training Required form MS13.2

5.3. The Training Required form MS13.2 is to be completed by the Departmental Manager in consultation with staff, setting out the required training, whether Internal and/ or External and the time frame the training is to be completed

5.4. The Departmental Manager will then hand this form to the Branch Manager who will then book the relevant course and insert the details of such on the Training Required form MS13.2. This form is then to be handed back to the Departmental Manager.

5.5. The Departmental Manager will then hand the form to the relevant staff member, who will take the responsibility to present themselves to the course at the scheduled time and venue.

5.6. Once the course is completed, the employee shall complete the remainder of the Training Required Form and hand this back to the Human Resources Representative.

5.7. The Branch Manager shall evaluate the feedback to ensure the course is meeting company expectations and then insert the form in the employees payroll file.

5.8. The Branch Manager shall then insert the training details in the Record. xl file.

6. Documentation

MS13.1 Training Record

MS13.2 Training Required

MS13.3 Training Needs Analysis

Staff Accreditations           Record.xl