Company Policy -HR

1. Introduction:

This document sets out the Policy the Company.


2. Purpose:

The purpose of this policy is to establish conditions that govern the working environment of the Company.


3. References:

National Employment Standards – Fair Work Act 2009

Road Transport and Distribution Award 2010 and amendments

Clerks - Private Sector Award 2010 and amendments

Employment agreement

Accident Compensation (Workcover) Act 1992 as revised


5. Policy

5.1. Employment

5.1.1. All staffing levels shall be authorised by the Chief Executive Officer.

5.1.2. Discrimination: Harassment or Bullying of any sort whilst employed or seeking employment will not be tolerated and will be dealt with immediately. Discrimination: Harassment and or Bullying are a form of discrimination and are illegal under Anti-Discrimination and Equal Opportunity Law. This covers discrimination or harassment based on race, color, sex, Religion, political opinion, national extraction or social origin Sexual Harassment is covered by this policy.

5.1.3. All staff shall be governed by either the signed Employment Agreement or the Freight Forwarders Award.


5.2. Salary Payment

5.2.1. Pay records are kept on a computerised system that is up to date.

5.2.2. Salary Payments shall be paid on or before the 15th and 30th of every month.

5.2.3. Any deductions must be accompanied by a signed employee request.

5.3. Annual Leave

5.3.1. Within the constraints of staff resources, it is the companies aim to meet the wishes of employees in regard to timing of their annual leave.

5.3.2. A Maximum Accumulation of two years annual leave entitlement is permitted, unless otherwise agreed to by Branch Manager or Chief Executive Officer.

5.3.3. An employee is not precluded from applying for leave if less than 12 months has elapsed since leave was last taken, or if a full year’s entitlement has not yet commenced.

5.3.4. Annual leave loading will only apply to staff in gainful full time employment prior to the issue of this policy.

5.3.5. Staff employed after the issuance of this procedure will not be entitled to leave loading.

5.3.6. Annual leave loading shall not apply to proportionate leave accrued during the calendar year of termination of employment except when such termination is due to retirement at the normal retirement age or earlier on account of sickness, or disability necessitating early retirement.

5.3.7. Employees shall not be granted less than the minimum amount of leave as specified in the appropriate award or in the employment agreement.

5.3.8. Leave Loading is applicable to annual leave only and it is not payable in respect of periods of sick leave, leave without pay, leave in lieu of travelling time or other forms of leave.

5.3.9. Leave loading will be calculated on the salary rate applicable immediately before commencement of leave.

5.3.10. The current rate for leave loading is 17.5% of gross salary.

5.4. Sick Leave

5.4.1. Sick leave shall be accrued in line with the appropriate award or employment agreement.

5.4.2. Sick leave will not be paid to staff on termination of employment.

5.4.3. Sick Leave shall be taken in line with the guidelines as set out in the appropriate award or in the employment agreement.

5.4.4. State Manager has the Authority to grant sick leave beyond the amount accrued by the employee.

5.4.5. Should a public holiday coincide with sick leave the following are to be applied.

5.4.6. If a single day’s sick leave were taken before or after a public holiday without production of a Medical Certificate or Statutory Declaration, that day shall not be paid as sick leave.

5.4.7. If a public holiday falls within a period of such leave in excess of two days where a Medical Certificate or Statutory Declaration is provided that day shall count as a public holiday.

5.5. Performance Review

5.5.1. All staff and Management shall be reviewed on or before the 1st September. It is recommended that reviews start no later than 1st August.

5.5.2. All original review documents must be in the hands of the Quality Manager on the next working day following the 1st September

5.6. Confidentiality

5.6.1. At no time during employment will employees disclose or use any confidential Information belonging to International Trade Management.

5.6.2. This information does not need to be marked confidential and shall include

- Contracts

- Policy or Procedures

- Buying & Selling Rates

- Client Information

- As specified in the Employment Agreement


5.7. Smoking

5.7.1. ITM is committed to providing a smoke free workplace.

5.7.2. No smoking is to take place within the Building that ITM own and or Occupy including any vehicle owned or operated by ITM.

5.8. Workcover

5.8.1. The company will comply with the Accident Compensation (Workcover) Act 1992 as revised.

5.8.2. The management of International Trade Management is committed to providing a safe and healthy working Environment for all its employees. This policy recognises that this is the responsibility of management working in the Co-operation and consultation with employees to ensure ongoing active prevention of injury and illness in our workplace.

5.9. Personnel Security Check

5.9.1. Employee and Contractor Screening ITM Employees – Casuals / Part Time / Full Time

- All new employees are to provide a current Police check as a condition of employment.


- All staff MUST immediately report any serious criminal convictions to their Department Manager or Branch Manager.

- There may be disciplinary consequences due to a serious criminal conviction up to and including termination. Contractors

It is the Department Managers responsibility to ensure that any Contractor that is engaged either directly or via an Employment Agency supplies evidence of the follow Security checks:

- Police Check (Must be current)

- VEVO check for Foreign Nationals

The Contractor and or Agency has an obligation to report to ITM any serious criminal convictions committed by the Contractor.

5.9.2. User Profile, Employment/Termination/Departure

The Department Manager or State Manager will be responsible for providing the ICT Department with details of any new employee. The ICT department in coordination with the Department Manager or State Manager will provide appropriate User and site access. The Department Manager or State Manager in coordination with ICT Department will ensure that upon resignation or termination all systems and site access are removed. Refer Form HR10.003



6. Identification Cards

The following measures are used to manage staff and visitor identification procedures to all sites controlled by ITM.

6.1. All staff must display their identification card at all times while on site.

6.2. All staff who access cargo handling areas, handle cargo or transport cargo are required to have their identification card on them at all times during working hours, both on and off site.

6.3. Identification cards are tamper-resistant and include the employee’s name and photograph, ITM’s name and logo, IATA, and AFFIF logos. The Identification card will include and expiry date and will be valid for no more than two years.

6.4. Identification cards are recovered when expired or when employment ends. Records for issue and recovery of all identification cards are kept and maintained (refer Form HR10.003)

6.5. Temporary Identification cards will be provided for:

- New employees;

- Short term contractors;

- Employees whose identification card is temporarily unavailable

- Temporary identification cards are for single use and need to be reclaimed at the end of each day

6.6. Visitor Identification cards shall be provided to visitors who need access to an ITM site including cargo handling areas or security information storage areas. Visitor identification cards are valid for single day only and must be reclaimed when the visitor leaves the ITM site. Visitors must be escorted in cargo handling areas and other secure areas at all times.

6.7. Lost Identification Card: If an identification card issued to an employee is lost while the card is under their control, the employee will be required to complete a statutory declaration stating the circumstances in which the identification card was lost. A new card will not be issued until the statutory declaration details are recorded against the employees Form HR10.003.

7. Documentation

Sick Leave Procedure

Employment /Recruitment Procedure

Performance Review Procedure

Occupational Rehabilitation Procedure

ICTUSER - ICT User Profile




6. Forms

HR10.003 Staff Employment and Termination Checklist