Many of our clients may not have heard of the many ports we utilize in Africa that are controlled by Bolloré Ports however we service many ports worldwide  and the PORT OF ABIDJAN, CÔTE D'IVOIRE- AFRICA is just one of those ports.

We have supplied some information about this and other African and Bollore Ports that may be of interest to you as either an importer or exporter.

Present on four continents, a leader in Africa, and a historic player in France, Bolloré Ports has set its sights on reinforcing its current positions and pursuing its international development. Owing to its recognized expertise in the port trades and in the synergies made possible by its being part of the Bolloré Transport & Logistics Group, Bolloré Ports is able to reinforce its position as a global port operator specialized in emerging markets.

Bolloré Ports ensures the best product offering to its customers by developing quality partnerships that meet the highest international standards.

“Our port expertise provides us with unique experience. The Port authorities and our customers thus rely upon a long-term partner who is trustworthy and professional.”

A premiere port infrastructure operator in Africa, Bolloré Ports is a leader in the management of container terminals on this continent. Experience and references which serve as a springboard to the development of their international presence (India, Haiti, East Timor). By engaging in quality Public-Private Partnerships which meet the highest international standards, Bolloré Ports is able to guarantee the best possible offer to its clients. Every year, Bolloré Ports invests approximately €250 million in the construction and development of port infrastructures entrusted to it, in order to meet the needs of its ship-owner, import and export clients.

If your company imports or exports through any of the Bollore Ports then ITM can assist you with moving your cargo. Abidjan Terminal is a full time Container Terminal, and operates 24/24