Truckies heartened by support to stopping port surcharges

A commitment by state Labor to stop “exorbitant” port charges has been welcomed by Road Freight New South Wales.

Opposition leader Michael Daley and freight spokesperson Jodi McKay said landside prices and charges had “escalated rapidly without explanation or justification”.

RFNSW chief executive Simon O’Hara said he was glad the Opposition had listened.

“It’s time industry had a fair and robust price monitoring system at the port,” RFNSW’s Chief executive,” RFNSW chief executive Simon O’Hara said.

“For over two years now, RFNSW has been fighting hard to raise awareness of these mounting surcharges imposed by the stevedores and their crippling financial impact on truck operators. It’s out of control.

“We’ve said all along that there must be an independent body called-in to regulate infrastructure and other landside charges.”

Mr O’Hara said RFNSW was pleased Ms McKay had responded to industry concerns over the luxury vehicle tax, stating that the ALP would maintain “all current exemptions and concessions, including those for heavy trailers”.

The topic of port and infrastructure charges has generated currency during the election campaign, with One Nation also pledging to act on the issue.